All victories of Max Verstappen in F1 until now!

15-05-2021 16:31 | Updated: 16-05-2021 09:12
All victories of Max Verstappen in F1 until now!

It is exactly five years ago today that Max Verstappen won his first Grand Prix in Formula 1. Since then the Dutchman has clearly shown his skills and has won a number of Grand Prix. These are all the Grands Prix he has won in F1!

Spain Grand Prix 2016

During the 2016 season, Max Verstappen was suddenly promoted to Red Bull Racing, to swap with Daniil Kvyat. The Dutchman didn't miss a single moment to prove that he belongs in a top team, as at the age of 18 he immediately won his first Grand Prix with Red Bull Racing. It proved to be a starting point for an impressive rise in Formula 1.

Malaysian Grand Prix 2017

After his victory in Spain, Verstappen did not manage to win another race in 2016, but in 2017 he was once again able to take the biggest trophy on the podium. In Malaysia, the Dutchman got alongside Lewis Hamilton early in the race and never gave the lead out of hand afterwards. At a comfortable distance, Verstappen put victory number two to his name.

Grand Prix of Mexico 2017

The Mexico circuit is known as 'the great equaliser', as the altitude nullifies the differences between the power units. For Verstappen, it is also one of his favourite circuits. In 2017 he managed to win there for the first time in dominant fashion and certainly not for the last time.

Austrian Grand Prix 2018

The 2018 Austrian Grand Prix proved to be quite a battle of attrition. Many cars remained at the side of the track during the race, due to the high temperature during the race weekend. Max Verstappen however stayed cool and stormed to victory, while both Mercedes cars never got to see the finish line.

Grand Prix of Mexico 2018

The 2018 Mexico GP was the final moment for Verstappen to become the youngest pole-sitter ever, but teammate Daniel Ricciardo was a fraction of a second faster in qualifying. The Dutchman didn't dwell on that for long, as he flew past Ricciardo at the start of the race, leaving the competition in the dust to claim his second win in Mexico.

Austrian Grand Prix 2019

If there is one starting point for a future, legendary rivalry between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, it is clearly the 2019 Austrian GP. The Dutchman had a poor start, but slowly but surely fought his way back. In the final few laps, elbows wide, he passed Leclerc to take his first win of the season - but it took a long time after the finish for that result to be officially declared.

Grand Prix of Germany 2019

At the legendary 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix, Verstappen showed the world that he can handle a wet track well. He could put those skills to good use again in Germany in the 2019 season, when rain made for a very slippery circuit. Many drivers did not manage to survive the race, but the Dutchman crossed the finish line virtually unscathed and as the dominant winner.

Brazilian Grand Prix 2019

In 2018, Verstappen snatched the win in Brazil due to a collision with rear driver Esteban Ocon. It caused quite a bit of controversy, partly due to the Dutchman's violent reaction. The following year, he managed to avenge himself, driving to victory in convincing fashion, having to battle Hamilton twice on the track.

70th Anniversary GP Great Britain 2020

In 2020 we got to enjoy no less than two races at Silverstone, where Verstappen narrowly missed out on a win in the first race, despite Hamilton crossing the line with three tires. In the second race, the Dutchman was however supreme, coping well with the hot track conditions. This allowed him to take his ninth win of the season on a historic afternoon.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020

Just like the years before, Mercedes was again too powerful for the rest of the teams in 2020. In the final race of the season, it was however Verstappen who could lift the biggest cup in Abu Dhabi. The Dutchman left the two Mercedes cars far behind, which for some was an omen that Red Bull Racing can finally compete with Mercedes in 2021.

Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix 2021

The battle between Verstappen and Hamilton this year is in full swing, with the Dutchman finishing second three times and winning once. The latter he did at the circuit of Imola. In 2020, the Red Bull driver crashed out there with a mysterious blowout, but in 2021, the Dutchman again managed to keep his cool in a wet race. The hope is that we'll see a few more 'mixed conditions' Grand Prix this season.

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