'When Max drove across start-finish, he saw a message on the steering wheel'

14-05-2021 19:33 | Updated: 15-05-2021 08:49
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'When Max drove across start-finish, he saw a message on the steering wheel'

Max Verstappen seemed to have a great chance to take a race win in Spain, but in the closing stages of the race it still went wrong for the Dutchman. During the race it was remarkable that the driver had a very bad pit stop. Father Jos Verstappen tells that it was a misunderstanding.

Red Bull again wanted to communicate as little as possible over the board radio in Spain, so Mercedes could not listen in. "When Max drove over start-finish, he saw a message on the steering wheel which made him think he had to come in for a stop the following lap," he explained to The Telegraph explained. "So then you go that last lap one hundred per cent, to make up as much time as possible."

However, it was a miscommunication that meant the team did not see Verstappen's pit stop coming. "I'm sure the team will think about how they can do it better next time in terms of communication. Max did make a mistake during qualifying in Imola, he admitted that himself. Afterwards, a problem was found, but we don't want to use that as an excuse."

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Lewis Hamilton is currently leading the world championship with 94 points, followed by Verstappen with 90 points. Valtteri Bottas completes the top three with 47 points gained.

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