F1 and coronavirus: Which races are still at risk this season?

14-05-2021 14:54 | Updated: 14-05-2021 15:01
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F1 and coronavirus: Which races are still at risk this season?

With the Turkish Grand Prix cancelled in June, speculation about which other races could also be removed from the calendar in 2021 has begun. After the Canadian GP and the Chinese GP, Turkey is the third race that will not take place.


The races planned in Europe all seem to be good to go ahead. In 2020 Formula 1 visited every circuit still on the schedule except Paul Ricard and Zandvoort. The French GP has been moved up a week after the news of the Turkish Grand Prix, so that race does not seem to be in danger.

The Netherlands have always said they want to host a race with fans. September is still about three and a half months away and by then the Netherlands hopes to be largely vaccinated. Sporting events with an audience could be possible by then.


Singapore and Japan are both still in doubt. Vaccinations are difficult in Japan, at the time of writing approximately 1.2% of the population is fully vaccinated. The Olympic Games seem to be going on in the country for the time being, which makes the chance for a Grand Prix seem big as well. Singapore is doing much better and currently has 22.5% of its population fully vaccinated. The race seems to be able to go ahead partly because of this.


The United States has a strong vaccination campaign and already 36% of the population has been vaccinated. Deaths are decreasing and the country allows sporting events with a limited audience. Neighboring country Mexico is also doing well the last couple of weeks so the Grand Prix is expected to go ahead.

Brazil on the other hand is having a hard time. Vaccination is not going well and there are still more than 30,000 coronas a day. The country would have to make big steps if they want to host a race in November.

The other countries

At the end of the season F1 expect to race in Australia, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Australia has hardly any cases left, but does have strict laws when it comes to entering and going out of the country. This is the only thing that could still bother the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Saudi Arabia has the virus reasonably under control and the same goes for Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has already shown in 2020 that they can properly host a Grand Prix in times of coronavirus. There is a big chance that this will be the case again in 2021.

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