Verstappen's mistake: 'You can't make it in a title fight with Hamilton'

12-05-2021 06:54 | Updated: 12-05-2021 09:58
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Verstappen's mistake: 'You can't make it in a title fight with Hamilton'

The Spanish Grand Prix was won by Lewis Hamilton. The Brit won the race due to a strategic masterstroke from Mercedes, after the seven-time world champion was passed on the track by Max Verstappen. However, Thomas Biagi also believes the Dutchman made mistakes.

At the start of the Grand Prix it was Verstappen who was the most awake. The Red Bull Racing driver dived on the inside at turn one, so Hamilton had to let his rival pass. Hamilton could have closed the door, according to Biagi, but the former International Superstars Series winner believes Hamilton did not see his rival.

Verstappen error

Verstappen took the lead but gave it away with an early pit stop. ''He made a mistake by going into the pit stop too early, while his team was not ready for that. His team tried to fix it, but it cost them two seconds. Mistakes like that don't speak in favour of Verstappen in the title fight with Hamilton,'' the Italian told Autosprint.

The pit stop error did not hurt Verstappen much in the end. Mercedes kept Hamilton in longer and eventually won the race with an aggressive two-stop strategy. ''This is not for the first time that Mercedes are tactically very strong. Maybe Red Bull should have brought Verstappen in immediately, to nip that attack in the bud,'' Biagi concludes.

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