Will we see the Spanish GP again next year? Talks ongoing since February

Will we see the Spanish GP again next year? Talks ongoing since February

11-05-2021 07:30

The last race on the current Spanish Grand Prix contract took place last weekend. Negotiations between the FOM and the organisers of the Spanish Grand Prix are already in full swing, but an official confirmation for 2022 and beyond is still missing. Still, Jose Luis Santamaria, General Manager of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, keeps hope for an extension of the contract. 

“We are working very hard in that direction and as you may know we are trying to push very hard to be on the 2022-calender and the years after that. We have a week to work on that from the circuits, but we already started talking about it since February with the CEO (Stefano Domenicali)," Santamaria explained in an exclusive interview with GPblog.

In the middle of negotiations

"We have been on the calendar for the last 31 years and it’s very important to continue that. We have to arrange a couple of things and update the signalling system, for both Formula 1 and the MotoGP. I think having a long-term contract will be useful to cover all the things we have to change," he added. 

With the arrival of the street circuit in Miami and the rumours that the new CEO wants to renew the track more, the spot of Spain is definitely in danger. "We have had several talks and we are working on it. I think this weekend has been important for these talks. Everything will help in the negotiations. The evolution of the pandemic will also help."

No doubt about 2022

Santamaria also indicated that the teams' opinion will also play a part. Traditionally, the teams always came to Barcelona for the winter tests, but for the first time in a long time, these were not organised in Spain this year. Instead, F1 headed to Bahrain. If the Spanish Grand Prix is also on the calendar next year, Santamaria expects a big race party.

“Not only Fernando-fans or Carlos-fans, but also fans of the Netherlands. Especially with Max in his fight for the championship. We hope next year can be a good year for everyone and that fans can visit every circuit again," he continued. 

Along with that race party, Santamaria expects Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to be on the F1 calendar as usual, just as it has been for the past few decades. "I have no doubt about that. For Barcelona, it’s difficult to imagine Formula 1 without Barcelona on the calendar," Santamaria concluded.

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