Hamilton points to Red Bull's 'bendy' wing: "They put that on today"

10-05-2021 12:05 | Updated: 10-05-2021 14:01
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Hamilton points to Red Bull's 'bendy' wing: They put that on today

During the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, Lewis Hamilton commented that the Red Bull's rear wing was very 'bendy', and that this might just give them more speed on the straights.

Hamilton possibly suggests illegal wing at Red Bull

There is a thrilling battle going on between Mercedes and Red Bull, with both teams doing everything they can to gain even the slightest advantage. Hamilton made a comment on Saturday about his rival Max Verstappen's rear wing, which of course immediately drew attention to it.

"The Red Bulls are very fast on the straights," Hamilton said in an interview with Sky. "They have a bendy wing on the back of their car, which they put on today. As a result they have gained at least three tenths in speed."

He continued: "They will now be faster on the straights than us, and it will be difficult to keep them behind. But that doesn't mean it's impossible," Hamilton said.

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