Hamilton sees Red Bull under pressure: 'They just make more mistakes'

07-05-2021 13:15 | Updated: 07-05-2021 14:12
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Hamilton sees Red Bull under pressure: 'They just make more mistakes'

Lewis Hamilton won his second race of the season in Portimao. With that, he heads to Barcelona as leader of the World Championship. Red Bull Racing also seem to be close, although they seemed to be a few tenths short in Portimao. In Barcelona Red Bull expects to have more speed again and Hamilton has been warned about that.

According to the seven-time world champion, Red Bull also had the fastest car in Portimao. "Obviously it's not all clear, but if he had set his fastest lap (in qualifying), the lap that was taken from him, he would have been a couple of tenths ahead of us," Hamilton acknowledges in conversation with Sky Sports.

Red Bull makes a lot of mistakes

"I still think they have more performance than us, they just make a lot of mistakes. We can't keep relying on that and then get the result we're getting now." Hamilton recognises that Mercedes still have a lot to do before they equal the car of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in speed.

"We've got to get going. I think you get a better idea of the situation this weekend. It seemed, partly because of that mistake in qualifying, that Red Bull had come closer to us in Portimao, than we had to them. However, I think there is still a lot we need to do," Hamilton concluded.

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