Red Bull under a microscope at the FIA? 'We adhere to this most consistently'

06-05-2021 18:45 | Updated: 06-05-2021 19:56
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Red Bull under a microscope at the FIA? 'We adhere to this most consistently'

Although it is still early in the 2021 season, the track limits enforced by the FIA have already been a thorn in Max Verstappen's side on several occasions. He lost both pole position and fastest lap in three races because of them. In light of this, the Dutchman called for more clarity in the regulations surrounding track limits, but Red Bull consultant Dr Helmut Marko has a different take.

Speaking to German RTL Marko argues that, had Verstappen simply stayed within the white lines, he 'could have saved himself the whole hassle.'

Marko does nuance the situation immediately though, stating that the white lines should not be necessary at all, and should instead be replaced with grass or gravel. 'We need to question the necessity of these white lines,' the Austrian said.

Red Bull under a magnifying glass

Marko also addresses the somewhat lopsided enforcement of the FIA. The 'tricky advantage' debacle in Bahrain is still fresh in his mind. Red Bull adheres to track limits 'in the most consistent manner,' according to the team boss.

Despite this, his team appears to be under a magnifying glass from the FIA, something that should persuade Verstappen to stick to the rules imposed. Marko: 'If we are already in focus, then Max has to try to keep these limits - as absurd as they are in some situations.'

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