Verstappen on Mercedes personnel change: "Interesting, but normal"

06-05-2021 13:53 | Updated: 06-05-2021 14:21
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Verstappen on Mercedes personnel change: Interesting, but normal

Max Verstappen had to settle for second place in the final standings in Portugal, but in Barcelona, he hopes to get closer to Lewis Hamilton again. The Dutchman expects a lot from this Sunday's race.

"It will be interesting to see how things go here," Verstappen told at the press conference. "You also see now how important it is to tune a car properly - and how difficult that is." Verstappen will start his 100th race for Red Bull in Spain. His first was also on Spanish soil. "Race number one was a highlight, of course. I have many very good memories of those hundred races anyway."

Red Bull took another five people away from Mercedes on Thursday. Verstappen understands well that the staff of Mercedes make the switch. "Interesting, but normal," he judged. "I think it is also an interesting project for people because it is new. If you have been somewhere for a long time, sometimes you look for a new challenge. That's normal."

First victory for Verstappen

The Barcelona circuit remains special for the driver. The Dutchman drove a Red Bull Racing car in Spain for the first time in 2016 and immediately won the race. For the past four seasons, Lewis Hamilton with his Mercedes was the best on Sunday.

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