Red Bull advisor Marko understands: 'You don't get used to these cars easily'

06-05-2021 13:15 | Updated: 06-05-2021 14:20
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Red Bull advisor Marko understands: 'You don't get used to these cars easily'

Red Bull Racing has shown in the first three races that it can compete well with Mercedes. Whereas Max Verstappen has been unable to keep up with Lewis Hamilton in recent years, he is currently just eight points behind him. Helmut Marko, however, expects Verstappen to have a good chance of winning the next race.

For now, both teams alternate when it comes to victories. Hamilton conquered the first position in Bahrain and Verstappen did the same in Imola, after which the Englishman won again in Portugal. It is important for the Dutchman to stay close to Hamilton and that includes a race win this weekend.

Red Bull's advisor expects Verstappen to stand with the top prize in his hands next Sunday. "Given that last race we were more or less at the same speed in the first three races and the external conditions were not always in our favour, we are assuming that we will be the superior party again in Spain," he told RTL.

Confidence in Pérez

Meanwhile, Sergio Pérez is doing his best to catch up with Verstappen. Marko sees that this is going better and better. "He is getting faster and faster, both in the race and in qualifying. People who change teams need time. You don't get used to these cars easily. With a bit of luck in the race, Perez is on course for the podium."

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