Clarkson: Perez needs to step back from looking at Max's data

05-05-2021 08:59 | Updated: 05-05-2021 13:04
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Clarkson: Perez needs to step back from looking at Max's data

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are fighting for the world title, but the role of Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez is far from over. Team orders will therefore not be an issue at this stage, according to Lawrence Barretto.

After three races in the 2021 Formula 1 season it is clear that the battle for the world drivers' title will be between Hamilton and Verstappen. They have put distance between them and the rest, but will still need their teammates in the title fight. Barretto does not expect team orders to be given this early in the season.

Team orders at Red Bull and Mercedes

"They will leave it a little later before inflicting team orders. Mainly because you don't want to get a down Bottas. He won't be second or third, but seventh or eighth. You can't afford that with Perez at Red Bull Racing. He did his job in Portugal. He is a clearer number two, but he must have accepted," says Barretto at the F1 Nation Podcast.

The pressure on Bottas comes primarily from Sergio Perez. The Mexican has shown as a new Red Bull Racing driver that he can do what Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon failed to do. He even took the lead in Portugal, and a safety car late in the race could have given him a victory.

Perez not happy with himself

"He had a brilliant drive in Bahrain. He came into the season, thinking I'm not going to get distracted by Max's pace. Since Bahrain, however, he has been looking at Max's data, and the competitor in him is getting slightly frustrated with it. He'd be better to take a step back though. He is a brilliant racer, who has already proven that he doesn't need to beat Verstappen in qualifying to win in the race," says Tom Clarkson.

Barretto understands Perez's frustration, however. "He has seen what has gone before him with Pierre and Alex, and already feels he is doing better than those two. He's been hard on himself, but that's also because he thinks he can make that car work in a way that the other two couldn't," Barretto concludes.

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