Degradation in Formula 1? 'He'll have to go back to Formula 2'

04-05-2021 09:39 | Updated: 04-05-2021 10:24
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Degradation in Formula 1? 'He'll have to go back to Formula 2'

Formula 1 is the highest class in formula racing and most drivers work their way up through Formula 3 and Formula 2, among others, to the premier league of motorsports. The way back however never occurs, but that might not be a bad idea for some drivers.

Solid weekend

In the new episode of the Dutch podcast Slipstream Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint discuss the developments at Haas this season. The two speak about Mick Schumacher. "He drove a solid weekend. He made no mistakes and moved neatly aside when he was overtaken. He's doing a good job and that's all he can do", concludes van de Grint.

For Schumacher, there is little honour to be gained with the Haas. "You can't do much with that car," continued Van de Grint. "He has to compete a bit with the Williams, which of course is still a sad story. In that sense, he is driving well. He's obviously doing ten times better than his teammate."

Degradation to Formula 2

Kalff and Van de Grint have less positive words about Schumacher's team mate Nikita Mazepin. In football, it is possible to be relegated to a lower class in the event of poor results, for example from the premier league to the first division. According to Van de Grint, something similar would not be out of place in Formula 1.

"Last week we were talking about the Super League and that you should be able to degrade," Van de Grint draws the comparison with football. "I would still suggest that such a driver, like Mazepin, should drive certain decent laps and otherwise he should also return to Formula 2."

Mazepin was driven over a minute last weekend by Schumacher and again made unnecessary mistakes, for example getting in the way of Sergio Perez when he was put on a lap.

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