Norris explains remarkable radio message during last lap of Verstappen

01-05-2021 20:45 | Updated: 02-05-2021 09:36
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Norris explains remarkable radio message during last lap of Verstappen

Towards the end of qualifying Lando Norris received a message from his engineer about an oncoming Verstappen. The Dutchman had not yet set a time and was not allowed to receive 'any gifts' from the McLaren driver. The Brit now explains what the message was about.

In his first run in Q3 Max Verstappen managed to set a 1:18.2, a lap time that in hindsight would have been good enough for pole position. The Dutchman however went over the track limits in turn four and saw his time removed. Verstappen, therefore, had to give everything in his final run to get close to Mercedes.

He managed to do so, but it is not enough for pole position. The lap is 'only' enough for third place on the grid and Verstappen is not satisfied with it on the radio. He complains about traffic and doesn't understand why other drivers move out of the way while he is doing a fast lap.

No presents for Verstappen

The accusations of Verstappen seem to be addressed to Lando Norris, who drove a large part of the lap in front of the Dutchman. The Brit was also told over the radio by his engineer that he was not allowed to give Verstappen 'any presents'.

According to the McLaren driver, that message didn't mean he had to hold up the Dutchman. "It meant I shouldn't give him a slipstream on the straight," Norris explained afterwards in conversation with Christian Nimmervoll of

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