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Jos Verstappen enthusiastic: 'I think it suits Max very well'

Jos Verstappen enthusiastic: 'I think it suits Max very well'

29-04-2021 06:41 Last update: 09:02


This weekend the Portuguese Grand Prix will take place at the circuit of Portimao. It's a circuit that received a lot of enthusiastic reactions from both drivers and fans, because of the challenging layout. But how good of a fit is the track for Max Verstappen?

In 2020 Verstappen managed to score a podium finish in Portugal, despite a difficult track, which was very slippery due to the new asphalt combined with rain. In an Instagram live interview, Jos Verstappen explains to what extent the track suits Max. "Max likes the track," says Verstappen. "But of course it has new asphalt on it, and last year it was very slippery."

Slippery track problems hopefully mostly gone in Portimao

He continued: "So we hope it's broken in a bit because of course, the new tarmac is always slippery. It will be a bit of a mystery: sometimes you arrive and the car's balance is immediately right, but you always have to wait and see until after the first practice session. But if I have to say it from a distance, I think the track suits, Max very well", Jos Verstappen says.

This weekend we will see if the problem of the slippery tarmac has disappeared and how well the track suits Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. Unlike last year, they will not just settle for third place this time.

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