Weather forecast | No rain during GP of Portugal?

28-04-2021 12:42 | Updated: 28-04-2021 13:29
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Weather forecast | No rain during GP of Portugal?

The Imola Grand Prix was a brilliant race, not in the least because of the weather conditions. After a dry qualifying, it suddenly rained cats and dogs on Sunday. The conditions of the slowly drying track caused a lot of drama during the race.

Friday and Saturday

At first it seemed that we would expect a very wet race in Portugal. The most recent weather forecasts show us a different picture. The chances are that there will be no rain for the entire weekend.

As it looks now it will be dry during practice on Friday and the sun will break through the clouds more often than not. There will be a calm breeze from the northwest and it will not be warmer than 19 degrees. Also on Saturday, we won't have any aquaplaning, because the sun will be shining all day. The conditions will be similar to those on Friday.


On Sunday no rain is expected. In fact, it will be quite sunny and the temperature will rise by one degree. It will be 20 degrees. As the track will probably stay dry, only a moderate north-western wind of force four will cause difficulties for the drivers.

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