Leclerc against salary cap in Formula 1: "We will talk about it with the FIA"

25-04-2021 19:01 | Updated: 25-04-2021 19:28
Leclerc against salary cap in Formula 1: We will talk about it with the FIA

For this season Formula 1 uses a budget cap. This season the teams are not allowed to spend more than 145 million dollar and in the years to come this will be less and less. Possibly there will also be a salary cap for drivers, but not everyone is enthusiastic about this. Charles Leclerc is one of the opponents.

There is now talk of a limit of 30 million dollars per team. How they divide this money is up to the formations themselves. Possibly the salaries of the three highest paid managers within a team will be added to this.

Leclerc: "I don't agree with the salary cap. We will talk about it with the FIA and with the people who are here to make those decisions", the Monegasque told Sky Italia. Leclerc doesn't really say why he criticizes the plans. He earns around 12 million euros at Ferrari.

Sprint races in Formula 1

It is possible that there will be sprint races in Formula 1 and that idea also meets with a lot of criticism within the premier class of motor sports. Leclerc can understand the criticism:"As far as sprint races are concerned, I think they are a good idea. It would be fun to try them, to see if they work or not. For me the most important thing is to keep the importance of the Sunday race. With the sprint race the race on Sunday doesn't lose any value, and we also have an extra chance to race," the 23-year old driver says.

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