Hamilton to leave Mercedes in 2022? Wolff doesn't think so!

Hamilton to leave Mercedes in 2022? Wolff doesn't think so!

24-04-2021 17:11 Last update: 21:19

Lewis Hamilton currently leads the world championship in Formula 1 and the Brit will do everything in his power to grab his eighth world title. In doing so, the Mercedes driver would leave Michael Schumacher behind and become the most successful driver in the world. Toto Wolff does not think Hamilton will make the switch to another team in the pinnacle of motorsport.

After a long period of silence, Hamilton extended his contract with Mercedes last winter for one year. After the current season, the 36-year-old driver is free to go where he wants and with the 2022 regulations approaching, this would be an excellent opportunity for Hamilton to work somewhere else. 

Hamilton at another team?

Wolff does not expect that to happen. "I think this will be his last team. There is no better place for him than at Mercedes and our wish is also that he continues with us," Wolff told DPA. If Hamilton stays, Valtteri Bottas must fear for his place with the German formation. George Russell seems to have a good chance of moving on from Williams next season.

"The symbiosis between us is good and we have celebrated so many successes together that from today's perspective everything speaks in favour of continuing to race together," Wolff concluded to the news agency. 

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