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Sprint races future of F1? 'Then it will be introduced for the whole season'

Sprint races future of F1? 'Then it will be introduced for the whole season'

23-04-2021 09:21 Last update: 09:37


Formula 1 will test at three circuits in 2021 with a sprint race on Saturday. The French Grand Prix will not host this sprint race, but Eric Boullier reckons this could well be F1's future.

Sprint races

It is almost certain that in 2021 a sprint race will be held during three race weekends in F1. Formula 1 and the teams are still discussing the details, but it is clear that the sprint races will be held. Boullier, director of the French GP and former McLaren team boss, is praising F1's plans.

''We were aware of the discussions between the FOM, the FIA and the teams. It has been a very long process, also the talks with the teams and what consequences it has for them and drivers. They have thought it through very well and I am very impressed with that. It is also the reason that we support this new format'', the Frenchman told Motorsport.com.

Future of F1

It seems like a test of Formula 1. Most drivers say they are in favour of the current format but with an extra race the organisation hopes for more spectacle. According to Boullier the future of F1 could change if the sprint races during the tests in 2021 turn out to be positive.

''They are testing the new format in a few races this year and that is fine. Then, if it is approved by everyone, it should be introduced next year in the whole championship. Then this will be the new format for the whole season, it would be nice to have the same format for every race. But we are certainly open to it'', Boullier concludes.

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