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Honda feared 'meaningless' second place in Imola

Honda feared 'meaningless' second place in Imola

22-04-2021 19:06 Last update: 21:22


After the disappointment of Bahrain, Max Verstappen's victory was not only a relief for the driver himself, but also for everyone behind the scenes. Red Bull Racing is now seriously competing for the world title and at Honda they are happy too.

Tsuyoshi for example, one of the executives for Honda in Milton Keynes, who in a column for Honda F1 indicates that this victory does remove some doubts. "I was very disappointed in the opening race, where we finished 2nd, and I felt that [the race in Imola] it would be meaningless if we didn't win again."

"I knew that this year's car was capable of competing well, but I got the feeling that there were reasons why the team as a whole wasn't able to win, so I think it's great that we were able to overcome those reasons and win this time," Tsuyoshi said.

Honda may miss out again

For Honda, winning the title this season maybe even more important than for Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. The latter two will probably get more chances in the coming years, but for Honda, it's all over after this season. In 2022 a scenario could arise where they have developed a championship car/engine without their name on it, just like in 2009.

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