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FIA working on new regulations after strange punishment for Kimi Raikkonen

22-04-2021 18:36 | Updated: 22-04-2021 21:23
FIA working on new regulations after strange punishment for Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen saw two hard-fought points go up in smoke after the Imola Grand Prix when race control added a 30-second penalty to his final time. However, the rule that caused this is so unclear that the FIA is now going to do something about it.

Raikkonen was given this penalty because he spun in the formation lap after the red flag and lost a few places. Normally, the race is restarted with a standing start and Raikkonen should be able to regain his position before the end of the formation lap. If that doesn't work out, you have to start from the pit lane.

Masi had no time

However, race control announced during the formation lap that the race would now resume with a rolling start. In that case, you cannot overtake the cars in front of you. This led to confusion on the pit wall with Alfa Romeo, who asked for advice from race control. Michael Masi however had no time to answer at that moment.

So Alfa Romeo decided to let Raikkonen out without making up any positions. Because this was still a restart after a lap flag, he should have officially entered the pits to resume the race. And so he got a time penalty of 30 seconds.

Starting out of the pit lane for a rolling start. It sounds a bit illogical and it causes a lot of extra time to be lost. The FIA also realises that this is a bit strange and according to them they are working on The Race they are working on a new rule which will allow drivers to start the race from their new position in case of a spin in the formation lap of a restart and not from the pit lane.

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