Hakkinen: 'Verstappen must learn to win psychological battle with Hamilton'

19-04-2021 16:47 | Updated: 19-04-2021 18:15
by GPblog.com
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Hakkinen: 'Verstappen must learn to win psychological battle with Hamilton'

If the two races that have taken place in 2021 have shown anything, it is that the battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is now well and truly underway. According to former Formula 1 driver Mika Hakkinen, Verstappen will have to learn to beat the Brit not only on speed but also on the psychological game surrounding it.

"Max can sound a little anxious on the radio, so the psychological side of the battle between him and Lewis is going to be fascinating", Hakkinen begins in his column on Unibet. "No question that they both want to win, but staying calm is going to be really important."

Despite Verstappen putting in a masterful race, Hakkinen says he still lacks the 'winning rhythm': "Max drove well, and with each victory he will develop the winning  rhythm which is so important if you want to win the World Championship."

Great race, deserved winner

On the race at Imola, Hakkinen has this to say: "In the race, it was no surprise to see Max take the win after making such a perfect start and winning the wheel-to-wheel fight with Lewis at the first corner. That was very tight. They could so easily have collided, but they judged it well, despite a small touch." 

"I am not surprised people are comparing this to me and Michael Schumacher. Two closely matched cars, and two drivers who are only interested in winning", said the Finn.

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