Norris wouldn't have hesitated with 'funny' Verstappen spin

19-04-2021 12:05 | Updated: 19-04-2021 13:33
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Norris wouldn't have hesitated with 'funny' Verstappen spin

Throughout the race in Imola, Max Verstappen' s victory was only really in danger at one point, and that was due to a mistake of his own. The Red Bull Racing driver warmed up his tyres a little too hard and spun halfway through the race. He kept his car on the track, but was lucky that Charles Leclerc didn't take advantage of it.

Leclerc, who was driving in second place at the time, later explained that he did think about overtaking Verstappen, but one moment of doubt gave the Dutchman enough time to correct his mistake. Lando Norris, driving in third place at the time, thinks he would have hesitated less.

"I had a great view of it – it's quite funny", the McLaren driver tells ""I think Charles could've gone past, in my opinion", he continued. Norris admits that he doesn't know exactly what the rules are on this either, but he would have taken the gamble.

"At that stage, Max was out of control and going left and Charles can't just hit the brakes and slow down and stop, at some point he has to go past Max... If I was in P2 I think I would've gone for it, because you have a chance of winning then. So, it's a risk [that's] worth it", said Norris.

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