Verstappen explains mistake in Q3: 'I'm not a robot unfortunately'

17-04-2021 18:16 | Updated: 17-04-2021 19:31
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Verstappen explains mistake in Q3: 'I'm not a robot unfortunately'

The past two seasons Max Verstappen hasn't been beaten by his teammate in qualifying. On Saturday at the circuit in Imola that streak came to an end, which according to the Dutchman had to happen sometime.

The past two Grands Prix Max Verstappen has been able to crown himself polesitter and the Dutchman also had a good chance to make it three times in a row. The Dutchman however made a rare mistake during his final lap in Q3.

During the FIA Press Conference after qualifying, Verstappen let it be known that it was bound to happen. "It's been going really well for a long time... Unfortunately we're not robots. I can't program myself that way. But yes, sometimes it happens that you make a mistake," the Red Bull Racing driver said.

Still a long way to go

Moreover, despite the many years of experience, the Dutchman has in Formula 1, he does not think he has already learned everything in the king class of motorsport. "I guess just general experience – in car racing in general because I only did one year in F3. So just all of the understanding of a race car: racecraft, tyres, tyre management. A lot of things, to be honest! Which you keep learning every year, every single race. I think I had a good day again for that, to learn what went wrong and what can be done better. You just constantly keep improving, keep trying to understand things what go wrong and you try to become better," concluded Verstappen.

The Red Bull Racing team have a good outlook for tomorrow, despite Lewis Hamilton starting from pole position. With Red Bull holding P2 and P3, Verstappen's team is in the perfect position to come up with the superior strategy.

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