Grand Prix of Miami to come: Residents seething!

15-04-2021 07:21 | Updated: 15-04-2021 09:10
Grand Prix of Miami to come: Residents seething!

It looks like we will soon have a Grand Prix in Miami on the Formula 1 calendar. It took some doing, but the local city council has now approved the plans. Still there is a lot of criticism from the locals.

Miami Gardens City Council members have agreed to bring Formula One to Hard Rock Stadium, but that has caused angry residents. They spent their Wednesday night outside City Hall showing their opposition to the event.

Initially, the City Council seemed to vote against it, but after a new plan was put forward, they voted in favor"Our city council has suddenly turned 180 degrees and that makes us very angry," one resident told TV station WSVN. "We did not come here to fight this battle again. We came to beg you to do what we pay you to do, and that is represent us."

Consents made, discontent remains

Consessions have been made towards the residents, as they have promised to install noise barriers and monitor the air quality. The organizers of the Grand Prix have also promised 5 million dollar that will gradually flow back to the city over the next ten years. In addition, paid internships for high school and college students will also be offered. In addition, on school days there will be no racing before 2:30 p.m. nor after sunset.

The residents are not at all happy about this. They believe it means nothing at all. "The money it makes them, it doesn't make us. We're still stuck with the same problems."

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