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Ferrari fan tried to fight with Alexander Albon after race

Ferrari fan tried to fight with Alexander Albon after race

14-04-2021 17:22 Last update: 17:51


Alexander Albon was unsure about his contract with Red Bull Racing for quite some time last year. Was his contract being extended or not? Only after the last race, the Austrian team decided not to continue with the Thai driver but to choose Sergio Perez. Although Albon still works under the Red Bull flag, he now also has an affinity with Ferrari: he will be driving a Ferrari 488 GT3 in the DTM this season.

Ferrari fan

And that's a funny combination. Not in the least because last season Albon got into a fight with a Ferrari fan after a race weekend. On BBC 5 Live, Verstappen's former teammate takes us back to that moment. "So we have these organised parties after every race. There's just tables and free drinks and nothing ever really happens, but I've experienced something with a guy before, a Ferrari fan. He had a Ferrari cap on, and he told me he was a big Sebastian Vettel fan."

By his own account, the Ferrari fan got angry with Albon after a while and ordered the English Thai to leave. As Albon obviously didn't feel like it, things soon became even less fun: "He tried to fight with me, tried to pick me up. It was just one of those awkward things because I thought 'what do I do in this situation? His wife went to the security to get me and kick me out, but the guard kicked them out."

Brazil 2019

According to Albon, he wasn't sure if the Ferrari fan had any idea at all who he was talking to. "I don't know what happened, but I must have irritated him in some way!" Although Albon wouldn't name the specific race weekend on which the incident took place, he did give away that it was on a weekend where he fought battles with Vettel on the track on several occasions. That could hint at Brazil 2019. "Because during that race I was racing Sebastian [Vettel] all the time, it was really back and forth. I was like 'does this guy know? Doesn't he know!"

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