Schumacher: "He has to be up front in Imola"

13-04-2021 19:07 | Updated: 13-04-2021 20:25
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Schumacher: He has to be up front in Imola

Sebastian Vettel had a false start at Aston Martin. Where the Formula One team was hoping to move up a few places with the German, he failed to live up to the high expectations during the opening race in Bahrain.

Among other things, Vettel caused an unnecessary accident with Esteban Ocon two weeks ago. The former Ferrari driver saw Ocon pass him and then drove into the back of the Frenchman's car. Vettel did not make himself very popular with his action.

"I think Sebastian apologised afterwards and that has to be the end of it. He had an error of judgement there," Ralf Schumacher contends to Sky Sport Deutschland. "Sebastian has had that a few times now. I hope he finds a solution for himself. Because when something like that comes on top of such a disastrous weekend, it doesn't really help him. Also not with the acceptance in the team."

Difficult races for Vettel

Schumacher, therefore, expects Vettel to face difficult and important weeks, in which a lot of attention will be paid to him. "It will be even more difficult for him now in Imola. He has to be up front. He also has to be faster than his teammate. But he must not make any mistakes either. It won't be so easy for Sebastian."

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