McLaren CEO Brown: "He's great at that"

12-04-2021 16:56 | Updated: 12-04-2021 17:55
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McLaren CEO Brown: He's great at that

McLaren has two excellent drivers this season with Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. The team is solid and that was already noticeable in the opening race. McLaren CEO Zak Brown gives Andreas Seidl the credit for this.

Brown appointed team boss Seidl in 2019 to further shape the team and thus take McLaren higher up the ladder. Seidl did that very successfully in recent years, as the team is a good sub-topper on the circuit for now. While Norris finished fourth in Bahrain, Ricciardo managed to finish in seventh place.

Clear task division at McLaren

According to the CEO, everyone within McLaren knows mainly their own strengths and tasks, which makes for good communication. "I think the structure we have at McLaren works extremely well for us", Brown states in conversation with He even calls Seidl the best team boss in Formula 1. "Andreas and I have an outstanding working relationship. I think it's extremely clear what my role is, what Andreas' role is, and it is very clear to the team too."

Brown therefore knows he can rely on Seidl. "I don't know how to run an F1 team, it's not my competency. That's what Andreas is awesome at. So my job is to give him the freedom, the support, and the financial resources to allow him to do his thing. So Andreas has full authority to run the F1 team as he sees fit."

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