Saudi Arabia begins construction of 'groundbreaking Formula One circuit'

12-04-2021 14:27 | Updated: 12-04-2021 14:49
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Saudi Arabia begins construction of 'groundbreaking Formula One circuit'

The 2021 Formula One year once again features a number of new circuits, including that of Saudi Arabia. The Grand Prix will take place in the weekend of 5 December and that is already keeping the country pretty busy. In the meantime the country has started with the construction of the circuit.

Saudi Arabia signed a long-term contract with Formula 1 last season. While a new circuit will be built near the capital Riyadh in 2023, drivers will race on the Jeddah City Circuit along the Red Sea in the coming years. On the street circuit, drivers can reportedly reach average lap speeds of around 250 kilometres per hour.

Over the next six months, builders will be working to secure the race weekend and make the plans a reality. "Today marks a historic moment for the Saudis and all motorsport fans around the world with the groundbreaking of the Jeddah Formula One circuit," quotes Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Al Abdullah Al Faisal.

Jeddah City Circuit features 27 corners

The country has set itself the goal of building a circuit that is distinctive from the rest of the Formula One calendar. The track will have 27 corners. Saudi Arabia still has some time to build the track, as it is only the penultimate race weekend before the end of the season. Until then we wait and see.

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