After electric racing, hydrogen is now on the FIA list

12-04-2021 12:53 | Updated: 12-04-2021 14:42
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After electric racing, hydrogen is now on the FIA list

Formula 1 will soon want clarity on the engines the sport will use from 2025. Jean Todt thinks hydrogen could be an interesting development, although it does not seem likely to happen in 2025.

Electric racing not the only solution

The FIA is making great strides to reduce emissions in various racing classes. In 2014, it launched Formula E, the first all-electric racing class. Meanwhile, Extreme E has been added and the World Rallycross Championship will become electric in 2022.

"We were pioneers with the hybrid power source in Formula 1 and we have Formula E," Todt is quoted by However, electrification is not the only option according to Todt.

Hydrogen engines the future?

Currently, the FIA is looking at the possibilities with hydrogen engines, although it does not seem that this will be used in Formula 1 in 2025 yet. "It is a very interesting development of the technology," says Todt. The Frenchman says an announcement will follow soon when it comes to hydrogen.

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