Formula 1 wants clarity on engines for 2025 in summer of 2021

12-04-2021 09:43 | Updated: 12-04-2021 11:26
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Formula 1 wants clarity on engines for 2025 in summer of 2021

Formula 1 is facing an important choice. In 2025 there will be a new engine regulation, but nobody knows yet what the direction will be. Stefano Domenicali hopes to be able to clarify this in the summer of 2021.

2021 is the last chance for engine manufacturers to develop their current engine, as from 2022 onwards the development of the engine will be frozen, until the new engines in 2025. This was all brought forward by one year to accommodate Red Bull, who now have to make their own engines. Honda will stop at the end of 2021, but will let Red Bull race with the current engine.

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From 2022 the focus for all manufacturers will be on the new engine regulations, but when will we know more? For now it's just rumours about the content of the new regulations, and speculation about new entrants like the Volkswagen Group with Porsche and/or Audi.

It's important for F1 to get clarity quickly, and to have big brands for the future. With the departure of Honda there are only three manufacturers left in F1, and that doesn't seem to be enough for a healthy future. Formula 1 will therefore have to come up with a concept with which it can retain the current manufacturers, but also attract new ones.

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''The goal is this summer. That is not an easy task. We want a new start. The engine has to be cheaper, remain hybrid, run on sustainable fuel and in addition it should not add extra weight to the car. It must allow manufacturers to expand their portfolio for future technologies, in addition to purely electric cars,'' Domenicali told Auto, Motor und Sport.

Where Formula 1 is still struggling with a new format and attracting large manufacturers, Formula E has much less trouble with that. There, the plan for the so-called Gen3 is already ready, and big brands like Porsche, Nissan and DS Automobile are already committed to it. Formula 1 will have to come up with a good plan to stay innovative, but not too expensive.

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