Sainz: "Motorsport is an old environment, you grow up quickly"

09-04-2021 21:05 | Updated: 09-04-2021 23:40
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Sainz: Motorsport is an old environment, you grow up quickly

Carlos Sainz, Sebastian Vettel's dream successor at Ferrari, explained in an interview on the grid in Bahrain what skills a racing driver uses both on and off the grid, and how his early start in racing has helped shape him in other avenues of his life.

The 26-year-old driver, who has been in the Formula 1 paddock since 2013 and for whom motorsport has been part of his upbringing, explains the impact the early start to his racing career has had on the rest of his life.

The Spanish driver stated, as quoted by "Even at a young age, we are exposed to a work environment in which people are much older than we are. That makes you more mature and you know how to fight for your own interests.”

Growing up fast, developing fast

Sainz explains that growing up fast is not a disadvantage in many cases. "You learn how to behave in an environment for which you are actually not completely ready. But at such a young age you develop and mature earlier than you might otherwise. But as you grow, you develop and get better at it." said the current Ferrari racer and teammate of Charles Leclerc.

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