Someone else put my design here' - The story behind Stroll's helmet

09-04-2021 19:31 | Updated: 09-04-2021 23:37
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Someone else put my design here' - The story behind Stroll's helmet

The helmet that Lance Stroll will appear with on the grid in the 2021 season started with a post on social media that went past the original creator of the design. Stroll also hinted at a few special editions, for example for his home race in Canada.

In a video posted to the official website of the Aston Martin racing team, Stroll and Mark Antar, the designer of the shiny green helmet, outline the first moments of their collaboration producing the racer's newest crash helmet. “I posted my work on Instagram and Twitter but i think someone else posted over on Reddit. Lance and his team saw my helmet and then, like a dream come true, they contacted me and we started working together”, Antar said.

During a video conversation between the two men, Antar gets to see the helmet for the first time in real life. "It really comes alive in the sunlight," stated the driver.

Special Editions on the horizon

"Maybe we should also make special edition helmets", Antar then suggests. Stroll responds, immediately enthusiastic: "Yeah, definitely, maybe for the Canadian Grand Prix, we can already put our thinking caps on.” Something to keep your eyes peeled for, it seems.

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