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Brundle looks forward to a bright future in Formula 1

Brundle looks forward to a bright future in Formula 1

08-04-2021 10:22 Last update: 10:53


The regulators within Formula 1 have worked hard in recent years to bring the teams closer together and thus increase the tension in the races. Martin Brundle is relieved that this has succeeded with the new regulations.

Due to rising costs, the future of the smaller Formula 1 teams was under considerable pressure. The fear was therefore that money would thwart motorsport. Brundle in conversation with Autosport said, “I was really concerned, if Renault pulled out for example or Red Bull pulled out because Honda were going, and you had Williams on the rocks. But they have got new funding and are turning around." Brundle therefore praises himself lucky that this did not ultimately become a reality.

The FIA has recently introduced new regulations regarding the financing of teams. Brundle, who drove 158 Grands Prix, thinks the coronavirus crisis played an important role in the changes. "Common sense has broken out really. That is how I see it because you just can’t keep spending hundreds of millions of pounds a year to run two racing cars. It needed sorting out."

Battle Mercedes vs Red Bull

At the front of the field, the excitement in Formula 1 is back this season, as was evident at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battled for P1, with the Englishman eventually taking first place. Both cars seem to be equal though, so we can expect a lot of excitement up front this season.

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