Wolff revives from duel with Red Bull Racing: 'Last time was in 2013'

08-04-2021 08:54 | Updated: 08-04-2021 10:19
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Wolff revives from duel with Red Bull Racing: 'Last time was in 2013'

Red Bull Racing looks set to finally pose a real threat to Mercedes in 2021. The German team has had a stranglehold on Formula 1 since 2014, but as the competition approaches, things could be different this year.

Mercedes in the role of underdog

Since the hybrid era, it has been Mercedes that have dominated Formula 1. Since 2014, all world titles were won by Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg dividing the seven world titles between them as well and the constructors. There was some resistance from Ferrari in 2017 and 2018, but not as much as is expected from Red Bull Racing in 2021.

''In a way there is a feeling within the team that we very much enjoy the new circumstances. And it’s that, on paper, Red Bull is ahead with maybe all of their package. It's theirs to lose, ours to win, because when you have the quickest car, you have got to deliver on that,'' explains Toto Wolff to Motorsport.com.  

Hunting for Red Bull Racing

''We have to catch up. We have to deploy our A-game and find more performance. But strictly speaking, we are second best on the road.'' Although Wolff will also have enjoyed the years when his team was so dominant, he is also enjoying the new rivalry with Red Bull Racing. It also evokes old memories for him.

''The fun factor of us being in the hunt is very enjoyable, because it is it is a new situation, and we embrace this opportunity. That hasn't been the case since 2013. And I loved 2013. I've said it in the team that I feel like the same pump as when I first joined. And it was Red Bull domination then: they were just going to win the fourth championship,'' concludes the Mercedes team boss.

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