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F1 Social Stint | Beautiful images from the Imola circuit during AlphaTauri test
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F1 Social Stint | Beautiful images from the Imola circuit during AlphaTauri test

07-04-2021 07:56 Last update: 07-04-2021 07:56


The first Grand Prix of 2021 is over but we have to wait another week for the next Grand Prix. So the drivers still have some time to recover from all the first impressions of this season. GPblog's F1 Social Stint reveals what drivers and teams do around a Grand Prix.

Beautiful images from the Imola circuit during AlphaTauri test

AlphaTauri was already on the Imola circuit in 2021 for a test with Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly. The Japanese driver in particular made a lot of metres there ahead of the start of the season, so the team is well prepared for the upcoming Grand Prix. The team did share some beautiful on-board images of this circuit.

Formula One teams delighted at start of race week

It has taken a while, but after three weeks teams can finally get ready for a race week. On Social Media there are already many messages from the teams who can't wait to get back into action this weekend.

Monaco Grand Prix looks set for real this year

Last year, for the first time in years, the Monaco Grand Prix was not held due to the coronavirus, but if we take a close look at the Automobile Club MC Twitter account, we can already see that they are working hard on the circuit for the race, but we are also shown the latest poster. So it looks like the unique street race really is coming back this year.

First shootings are done

Netflix has faced some criticism, considering they minimised the Williams family's departure from the sport in the third season. Rightful criticism, considering Williams is not just a name. In addition, driver George Russell didn't get much screen time, as he recently revealed via Twitter, somewhat disappointed. Netflix now seems to be making up for that, as the first moments with Russell have already been recorded, he shares on Twitter.

Verstappen didn't even have a driving licence for his first car

In a new video from Formula1.com, all F1 drivers are asked about their first car. Where some were more spoiled by money from home or a sponsorship deal, others come up with very modest brands. The story of Max Verstappen is also interesting because he had a car but no driving license when he debuted in Formula 1.

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