Russell on best mate: 'I expect to see him back in Formula 1 soon'

03-04-2021 12:13 | Updated: 03-04-2021 14:25
Russell on best mate: 'I expect to see him back in Formula 1 soon'

George Russell made the step up to F1 alongside Alex Albon, but Albon was dropped by Red Bull in favour of Sergio Perez. However, that doesn't change anything between Russell and Albon.

Russell told of his good relationship with Albon. "I'm in touch with Alex all the time. He's one of my best mates." He also sees that the Thai driver didn't always have it easy at Red Bull.

"Alex is a great driver who has had a very difficult time at Red Bull for a number of reasons. But he will definitely return to F1 in the near future," said Russell.

DTM tough championship

Furthermore, Russell says that the championship in the DTM is certainly not easy. "DTM is an incredibly tough championship. It's very different from Formula 1. And those guys are top notch at what they do, so he actually has quite a tough challenge ahead of him because he has to learn a new discipline."

"It's almost like asking Roger Federer to play badminton or squash. It's still a racket and a ball, but it's totally different. I'm sure he'll do well, but he's facing a tough challenge," concluded the British rider from Williams.

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