Marko: "This is the advantage Hamilton has over Verstappen"

02-04-2021 19:37 | Updated: 02-04-2021 20:00
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Marko: This is the advantage Hamilton has over Verstappen

Helmut Marko makes no secret of the fact that he thinks Max Verstappen is the fastest driver in the field. When it comes to the question of who is the best driver in general, he was always a bit evasive, calling Lewis Hamilton the most complete driver in the field. Now the new Formula 1 season has started and we can see both Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen in great shape, the question is put before him again.

In the interview, which will appear on Saturday in its entirety, Marko still doesn't seem to want to make any concrete statements about this, although he says that the drivers are now more or less equal. He also calls both drivers exceptional. "I think the race has clearly shown that the two belong to a class of their own," Marko tells

Who is better: Hamilton or Verstappen?

He added that the duel with Hamilton didn't make the race any easier for Verstappen. "The advantage Hamilton has over Verstappen is his incredible routine. I don't know how many races and wins he has, but you could see it in how tactically he drove, how he changed lines and so on. It was a very difficult race for Max," explained Marko.

His answer to the question: "They are more or less equal. Max will one day also be able to fall back on such a wealth of experience as Hamilton," said Helmut Marko.

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