Perez used old computer trick: "Reboot, then it will work again"

31-03-2021 19:08 | Updated: 31-03-2021 19:39
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Perez used old computer trick: Reboot, then it will work again

Red Bull Racing chief engineer Paul Monaghan is pleased with the way Sergio Perez reacted when his car stalled on the opening lap of the Bahrain GP. The Mexican's car was without power, but Perez himself managed to get out of the predicament.


In Mexico, millions of fans were eagerly awaiting Perez's debut in the RB16B. No doubt the nation was shocked to see their hero helpless and without power at the side of the road before the start of the race. But what was actually going on with the Mexican's car? And how did Sergio save himself from this situation? That's what Paul Monaghan, chief engineer of Red Bull Racing, tells us in conversation with

"Before the race, there was already an electrical problem. We were able to fix that. However, when we left the pits the problem seemed to be fixed and everything was actually running smoothly. There was no sign of a defect anymore. During the warm-up lap the car suddenly lost all power. Everything actually fell out: the steering wheel, the car, the radio."


Perez's composure afterwards deserves praise, Monaghan says: "The way Sergio handled the situation was very impressive. He had the presence of mind to use the old computer trick: reboot everything and it will work again. That is exactly what he did. And sure enough, the steering wheel could be operated again. As is usually the case with these kinds of problems the car finished the race without any complaints."

Monaghan doesn't foresee too many long term problems due to the incident though: "We're going to find out how it could have happened. I'm sure we'll find the cause. Hopefully, Checo will then have a quieter race at Imola."

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