Number of races per season has increased significantly in the last twenty years

30-03-2021 16:43 | Updated: 30-03-2021 17:27
Number of races per season has increased significantly in the last twenty years

Since the beginning of the Formula 1 championship more and more Grands Prix have been added to the calendar. In 1950 F1 started with only eight races, this season there are 23 races on the program for the first time. The number of races has increased evenly, but the question is when there are too many races on the calendar.

Because while for the fans it is a pleasure to watch as many Grands Prix as possible, for Formula One Management it is a complicated puzzle. On the one hand they want to race as many Grand Prix as possible, on the other hand every Grand Prix is a lot harder for the teams. They travel all over the world and don't see their families very often.

Too many races?

That is why some teams have chosen to rotate their personnel this season. Team boss Mattia Binotto of Ferrari stays at home during certain Grands Prix, with Laurent Mekies in charge of the Italian team. Other teams also choose this option, because 23 races in one season is physically demanding for the mechanics.

Still F1 doesn't seem to be finished adding new races. This season Saudi Arabia was added to the calendar as an extra race in the Middle East and there are plenty of other circuits that are not on the calendar yet, but would like to welcome the F1 paddock.

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