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Russell takes issue to Wolff: 'All I get is questions about Verstappen'

Russell takes issue to Wolff: 'All I get is questions about Verstappen'

25-03-2021 10:30 Last update: 11:48


Huge changes are planned for 2022. However, these planned changes may be dwarfed by what is not yet known. What will happen to Mercedes' driver line-up for example? George Russell is already being bombarded with that question.

This is largely due to his performance in Bahrain last year, when he was allowed to fill in for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. He led comfortably in his first race, before suffering issues, which made many people wonder why he has been at the back of the grid for Williams for years. According to many it is about time he got a chance at a top team.

Russell needs to be very patient

Russell doesn't want to come across as too impatient, but he admitted to giving Toto Wolff a few hints every now and then. "I told Toto recently that every question is about Mercedes and hypothetical possibilities of how I would enjoy being a team-mate with Max [Verstappen], with Lewis", the young Briton told the Evening Standard.

Last year's invasion of Bahrain has obviously had a big impact, even if the adventure ended in a bitter pill. Russell lost the race due to a team error at the pit stop. So it's still unclear when Mercedes will make up with him, but Russell says his relationship with Wolff hasn't suffered: "It's probably better than ever, we're in constant contact."

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