Domenicali expects fight with Red Bull: "All the ingredients are there"

19-03-2021 15:39 | Updated: 19-03-2021 16:45
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Domenicali expects fight with Red Bull: All the ingredients are there

Big changes are coming for Formula 1. 2022 will be marked by major rule changes, which are already being worked towards this year. In addition, the much-discussed budget cap will come into effect. The sport also has a new boss, a familiar face: Stefano Domenicali.

What does Domenicali expect from Ferrari, the team he once managed?

"After a difficult start you can only improve. But I'm not in a position to judge about that, I can only see that there are good vibes and that expectations are high. Especially with the big changes to the cars for next year, I think this championship is going to be very interesting," Domenicali said in an interview with

High expectations for the future of Formula 1

At the end of last year Red Bull Racing showed they can be a threat to Mercedes. When asked if we can expect an exciting fight from this, Domenicali replied, "Yes, yes. All the ingredients for an exciting championship are there."

The Formula One boss also expressed his delight at the arrival of new brands, and that new measures such as the budget cap make it possible for smaller teams to stay in Formula One. "The new Concorde agreement is good for the future, so we are definitely positive about that," Domenicali said.

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