Problems at Aston Martin remarkable: 'No engine change like at McLaren'.

19-03-2021 06:54 | Updated: 19-03-2021 08:42
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Problems at Aston Martin remarkable: 'No engine change like at McLaren'.

Sebastian Vettel drove the least number of laps of anyone during the winter test in Bahrain. It was a poor performance from Aston Martin, but Vettel seems to be the one being hit hardest, according to Marc Surer.

Aston Martin disappoints

This year's winter test in Bahrain was already shorter than normal with only three test days, so the teams had to make the best use of the time they were given. Mercedes and Aston Martin drove the least amount of laps, which is remarkable according to Surer. McLaren came through the test without any problems, despite an engine change.

''The biggest problems were mainly for Aston Martin. They didn't do an engine change like McLaren and yet they had all kinds of problems. Maybe it was bad luck, but it's funny that McLaren had zero problems and a lot went wrong at Aston Martin. That does give you pause for thought,'' Surer said in a video by

Bad luck for Vettel

However, the former Formula 1 driver also looks at the driver with the least number of laps. ''Vettel is suffering the most. Stroll was able to do his laps. He drove quite a lot on Saturday. The car is not bad, but it didn't work for Vettel,'' said Surer, who therefore sees a huge challenge for Vettel at the start of the season.

''It's Stroll's team and we have to remember that last year Stroll was often faster than Perez in the same team as well. He is already very fast and he now also has more and more experience that he can use. For Vettel, that will be the benchmark. However, we also know that once Vettel has adapted to the car, he can outperform himself again and we will see the old Vettel again'', concludes the Swiss.

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