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Binotto: It may be very difficult again

Binotto: "It may be very difficult again"

16-03-2021 20:30 Last update: 21:23


Those who have followed the winter test in Bahrain over the last few days will have noticed that there has been relatively little talk about Ferrari. That in itself is a good sign, because it means that it wasn't disastrously bad, but so far the team hasn't been able to impress either.

The F1TV experts who were watching around the track did say that the Ferrari looked a bit unsettled. This was also evident from the problems Carlos Sainz had with the car. After Lewis Hamilton he was the driver who probably ended up on the side of the track the most.

Better atmosphere at Ferrari

Although top speed is no longer a concern, according to Mattia Binotto, and the atmosphere within the team has improved significantly, he cannot yet say that all problems have now been solved. The following quote on Racer.com indicates that the Italian is already mentally preparing himself for a disappointment.

"We are now at the start of a new season, you have got a different car, you’ve got new hope, so it’s normal that now the atmosphere is certainly better. But we know it will be a long season, 23 races; it may be very difficult again so I think we need to be prepared, be focused on what is our objective — which is long-term — and then not forget it”, Binotto said.

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