Williams did not use last development token: "Didn't have enough left"

07-03-2021 15:24 | Updated: 07-03-2021 18:00
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Williams did not use last development token: Didn't have enough left

The teams will drive almost the same cars next season as last season, in order to save costs in the tricky corona season. However, the teams were given two so-called development tokens to spend on the car.

Competitive car

The Williams was clearly the slowest car on the grid in 2020 and the team failed to score a single point. You would think that over the winter the team would do everything possible to improve performance, yet Williams did not put in its final development token.

Team principal Simon Roberts explains to Autosport.com: "We spent one of our tokens last year and we only had one left. I'm not going to give away what we spent it on."

Not enough for the nose

The different customisable parts of the car each have their own token value. Because Williams only had one token left, it was not possible to tackle everything. "That one token was not enough to replace the nose, so as you have seen at the presentation, we have the same nose as last year. The homologation of the car didn't really help us from that point of view."

Nevertheless, Williams believes it will arrive at the start with a better car. "We managed to save some weight, which is important. And we've obviously tinkered with the car to try and regain as much downforce as possible, because that's what we're all trying to do. So we have learned and I think we have done the right things, but until we are in Bahrain and have done the test, who knows, but that is what we are hoping for."

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