Todt comments: 'These measures will work to make the sport more exciting'

07-03-2021 10:10 | Updated: 07-03-2021 11:19
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Todt comments: 'These measures will work to make the sport more exciting'

Speaking to the Cambridge Union, FIA chief Jean Todt explained the fierce discussions currently surrounding the possible introduction of the sprint race and reverse grid in Formula 1. Todt explains that at the root of the many discussions is a difficult consideration for the FIA: How do we make the sport more exciting without compromising its core values?

At present it seems that there will be at least three sprint races next season, which will take place on the Saturday and determine the starting order for the Grand Prix on Sunday. Todt explains the FIA decision on this by reference to the vital question Mercedes' long-standing dominance confronts the FIA with: “If we can find, and we are trying to do that, innovative ways of creating more excitement, a better show, we will do it But not at the cost of damaging the sport.”

Todt continued, speaking to Cambridge Union: "There is some intention to introduce a super-qualifying for two or three Grands Prix, which is already starting this year. We are happy to do something but we don’t want to damage the sport.”

Yes to cost cap, no to reverse grid

The introduction of the budget cap also followed the same consideration by Formula One's governing body. Todt says: “I think the first big step was to decide to implement a cost cap, which is a kind of game-changer.” 

Todt mentions the three big teams by name, and argues that curtailing them will benefit overall excitement in Formula 1: “The cost cap is affecting mainly three teams: Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. The other seven teams are not hurt by the cost cap, so what that means is that it will create less discrepancy between the small, medium and big teams.”

However, his advocacy of a better show in Formula One also has limits. For example, the Frenchman wants nothing to do with a reverse grid arrangement. On this he says: "It is completely artificial ... [and] would be completely against the interests of the sport and the nature of the sport.”

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