Vettel still believes in fifth world title: 'The car and team determine success'

06-03-2021 09:41 | Updated: 06-03-2021 11:40
Vettel still believes in fifth world title: 'The car and team determine success'

The last few years have not been the easiest for Sebastian Vettel. With his former employer, the German slipped far down the table. Yet he is not sitting back. With his move to Aston Martin Vettel hopes to give his career a new impulse.

In 2017 and 2018, Ferrari and Vettel competed for a long time in the battle for the world championship. However, it was Mercedes that eventually walked away with the overall win. After that, the Italian racing team's performance only declined. Vettel also had a difficult time with the arrival of Charles Leclerc.

Car and team decisive

Ferrari let him go and he decided to switch to Aston Martin. Motorsport-Total reports that he would like to become world champion once more. Something that suits Aston Martin. Their ambition is to play a significant role within three to five years: "I think I still have it in me. I am not that old yet." According to him, age is not a factor.

But the team around the driver is also important. "It's about having the car and the team around you," according to Vettel who believes that those two things are crucial. Something Mercedes had according to him. "It's no secret that in recent years you had to sit in a Mercedes to be able to fight for the world championship."

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