Verstappen: "We have to show it now"

25-02-2021 15:57 | Updated: 25-02-2021 16:46
Verstappen: We have to show it now

The presentation of the RB16B was quite disappointing for some fans. The colours are the same as always and only one video with two pictures of Max Verstappen's 2021 car was released. The Dutchman doesn't care. He only wants one thing: to win.

In an online press conference, Verstappen told F1 Insider and others, "As long as the car is fast, I don't care how it looks like – if it's pink or purple or whatever."

Speaking to De Telegraaf, the Red Bull driver said it was now time to reap the rewards as well. "Everyone knows I want to win. Red Bull wants that too. We are on the same page, but we have to show it now," Verstappen is honest.

Perez could help Honda further

One thing that could help him is the improved Honda engine. The Japanese engine supplier has reportedly made a nice jump, although Verstappen said he does not want to create hype. With Sergio Perez, Red Bull has brought in a driver who has driven Mercedes engines for years. That might help Verstappen and Red Bull.

"He drove for a team with a different engine, his information can help us." Those words were also previously agreed by Helmut Marko. The Austrian advisor stated that Perez has already been able to share some valuable information.

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