Ferrari reorganisation is partly to ease Binotto's burden

25-02-2021 14:07 | Updated: 25-02-2021 15:25
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Ferrari reorganisation is partly to ease Binotto's burden

Following the announcement of the reorganisation at Ferrari, various people have been put in slightly different positions or a better distinction has been made in the 'departments'. The aim is to get Ferrari back on track as a competitive team for 2022, when the new regulations will be introduced. It will also ease the workload on Mattia Binotto, writes

More freedom

The new structure, as described here, gives Mattia Binotto more freedom, as it is no longer necessary for him to be present at every race. In 2020, we have already seen Binotto skip races on a few occasions due to other important matters and on those occasions it was Laurent Mekkies who acted as a substitute. With the appointment of Mekkies as racing director, he is now responsible for the activities on the circuits.

Binotto will definitely travel to many of the Grands Prix, but he will also miss some in 2021. The upcoming season will demand a lot from the people in the team and therefore also from Binotto, who will see a burden lifted in this way. That applies to more aspects, by the way. The team boss will no longer have to deal with the commercial side of things either, as that will fall to Nicola Boari.

The project for 2022 is also in full swing and that too requires Binotto's attention and with these shifts within the team, the Italian can focus on it better. This is because he now no longer 'has' to be present at every Grand Prix. His former primary duties are now taken over by Mekkies, who did so unofficially on several occasions last year.

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