Ferrari reorganizes chassis department

25-02-2021 11:52 | Updated: 25-02-2021 12:56
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Ferrari reorganizes chassis department

Scuderia Ferrari has not been competitive enough to fight for the lead since the end of 2019. This became completely clear in 2020, with the team coming no further than sixth among the constructors. In 2021, not too much hope should be placed on the team either, given that there are relatively few changes to the car compared to last year. Ferrari is aware of this and is focusing on 2022 and part of this is the reorganization of the chassis department.

Shift of personnel

Reports indicate that there have been some shifts. Ferrari has set up four specific departments regarding the chassis. The concept department will be headed by David Sanchez, chassis performance engineering by Enrico Cardile, Fabio Montecchi will lead chassis project engineering and Diego Loverno is in charge of vehicle operations.

Enrico Gualtieri will deal with the power unit, Laurant Mekies with trackside racing and Gianmaria Fulgenzi with the supply chain. The aforementioned chassis department which is divided into four fall under Enrico Cardile, who is also in charge of chassis performance engineering. Gualtieri, Mekies, Fulgenzi and Cardile are directly under team principal Mattia Binotto.

Furthermore, Ferrari will integrate the race track engineering activities into the chassis performance engineering department and finally Nicola Boari will head the marketing and events department. The aim of all this - despite internal processes otherwise remaining the same - is to achieve more and better results.

With a new structure that sounds manageable, Ferrari hopes to start the way up. As already mentioned, this will probably not be of too much help for this year, but with a focus on 2022 Ferrari then tries to be back in the lead at the start.

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