Tost: 'I don't want to experience another season like 2020'

25-02-2021 13:22 | Updated: 25-02-2021 15:24
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Tost: 'I don't want to experience another season like 2020'

The year 2020 was a difficult one for several teams, especially the smaller ones. Due to fewer races, postponements of races and the lack of spectators, the teams lost a lot of money. Since that is one of their primary sources of income, it has a direct effect on their capabilities. Now, as a Red Bull company, AlphaTauri is not in immediate danger, but team boss Franz Tost does not want to experience another season like 2020.

Critical year

This is what the Austrian says in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport. They have felt the loss of money and what does not help in that context is that two cars have to be developed in parallel. The car with which they will appear on the track this year and the one with which they will comply with the new regulations in 2022. But for now, AlphaTauri is managing to keep its head above water.

"I don't want to experience another season like 2020, after which we didn't have a lot of money because there were fewer races and a lack of spectators. We have a risk factor this season that we have to take into account. But then again, this year is critical because we have two cars running in parallel," said Tost.

"The development for 2022 is very cost intensive. That is why I hope that despite all the effort, all the races will take place this year and that spectators will be welcome to come again during the season, and that the organisers will have a source of income. The uncertainty around this is unpleasant for everyone."

Support from Red Bull

Now AlphaTauri, as Red Bull Racing's sister team, has been 'backed' by Red Bull's big money, but the aim is of course for the team to stand on its own two feet as an organisation. The idea that there is financial backing in the background gives a more secure feeling, but that is of course not unlimited.

The most important thing, however, is that AlphaTauri is not in danger. Tost concludes: "Our survival is not at stake, but of course Red Bull will not stand by us forever if the teams go into the red. I very much hope that somehow we can get everything back on track."

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